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Regalim, Pilgrimage, Compassion: A Vision of Sovereignty in Israel

Jerusalem May 25, 2012 5 Sivan Erev shabbat, shavuot, What do you bow down to? Refinement of Sovereignty Dear Ones, Tonight in the Jewish calendar we encounter the highest refinement of our sovereignty. We have the opportunity to finish a week of refining our sovereignty by encountering the essence of sovereignty. The suchness of sovereignty. … Continue reading

Empowering Ourselves to Make Connecting Requests

Something else I loved at the Nonviolent Communication Training for women and girls at EcoMe last weekend, near the Jericho junction: hearing women speak their deepest painful truths into the circle and then ask, “is there someone who will tell me back how you feel, after hearing what I just said?”  Watching an Israeli woman … Continue reading

Palestians and Israelis Holding Each Others’ Pain/Counting the Omer

Day 38 – Tiferet of Yesod: Compassion in Bonding Bonding needs to be not only loving but also compassionate, feeling your friend’s pain and empathizing with him. Is my bonding conditional? Do I withdraw when I am uncomfortable with my friend’s troubles? (Counting the Omer, Simon Jacobson) We explored and witnessed and experienced just this … Continue reading

What Holds Us Back from Opening to the Other Person

Tonight in the Old City of Jerusalem about 25 of us, mostly religious Jewish women, learned and practiced transforming our judgments about others. We started by thinking of someone we have a judgment of. Then by coming up with one thing they do that supports that judgment. Then we took on the transformative work of … Continue reading

The Wall, Women at the Wall, Dialogue, Encounter, Efrat

My First Night in Jerusalem and Women at the Wall In Israel this past winter I lived in a room in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City- “the Rova Yehudit.” A few minutes’ walk up and down narrow twisted alleys filled with observant Jews and pilgrims from all over the world to “the Wall.” … Continue reading