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Women Empowering Each Other through Friendship at the Kagiro Women’s Shelter in Botswana

The Kagiro Women’s Shelter: Finding our voices as women and using communication to empower ourselves. A group of about 10 women and one man— clients and staff of the only shelter for women seeking refuge from domestic violence in Botswana—came to an NVC workshop this week at the shelter׳s office. As an ‘NVC trainer’, I … Continue reading

NVC Advocacy Training for “Ex offenders” in Botswana

In September I had the opportunity to introduce Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to Botswana. I offered NVC to a grassroots organization of Botswanans who have served time in prison, (BIRRO,) to staff and clients at a shelter for women who have fled domestic violence (Kagisano), at schools, parenting groups and to doctors, counselors and nurses working … Continue reading