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Regalim, Pilgrimage, Compassion: A Vision of Sovereignty in Israel

Jerusalem May 25, 2012 5 Sivan Erev shabbat, shavuot, What do you bow down to? Refinement of Sovereignty Dear Ones, Tonight in the Jewish calendar we encounter the highest refinement of our sovereignty. We have the opportunity to finish a week of refining our sovereignty by encountering the essence of sovereignty. The suchness of sovereignty. … Continue reading

Holy night in the holy city

Just finishing Passover and Shabbat in the Old City of Jerusalem where I am now staying for a few weeks. The fragrance of the orange tree blossoms at the end of the lane is intoxicating on this warm night. Tonight is Easter for the Orthodox Christians. I watched teenagers hanging out outside the Syrian Orthodox … Continue reading

NVC with teachers in East Jerusalem

Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem    March 2, 2011 NVC in the Classroom; witnessing a collective shift Yesterday I had about an hour and half to present NVC to fifty teachers at St Joseph’s school in East Palestine. The anticipated number of participants had grown from thirteen teachers to fifty, including the principal and school director, after … Continue reading

In our Foremothers’ and our own Footsteps

Spring is here! Our fore mothers have taught us that spring is the time to  harvest wild edibles and medicinals.  Hanalisa Omer, a woman and visionary artist, whom I met in a New Moon gathering in Jerusalem, invited me to walk in the hills between Jerusalem and Bethlehem to see what’s out there and to … Continue reading

The Wall, Women at the Wall, Dialogue, Encounter, Efrat

My First Night in Jerusalem and Women at the Wall In Israel this past winter I lived in a room in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City- “the Rova Yehudit.” A few minutes’ walk up and down narrow twisted alleys filled with observant Jews and pilgrims from all over the world to “the Wall.” … Continue reading