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Dear Friends,

With pleasure and excitement I invite you to consider enrolling in the Peacemaker Academy with Roberta Wall and Duke Duchscherer beginning September 6-10 at Miriam’s Well in Saugerties, NY.

“…a community of learning, support and connection for aspiring and veteran peacemakers and change-makers.”

The Peacemaker Academy is inspired by the Nonviolent Communication work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, as well as by teachers and learners around the world. We seek transformation for ourselves, our relationships, and the world, both through tangible changes in the systems in which we live, and through consciousness transformation in ourselves and others.

Our Invitation:
Join us to explore what it truly means to ‘be the change that we seek in the world.’ As we create a field of play in which we can open to mutual care and compassion, we will examine what blocks and what supports the Peacemaker within us and within our communities.

By applying the principles of Nonviolent Communication and by building peacemaking and leadership skills, we will explore how “process-oriented” work like NVC can effect change on a deep systemic level, in whatever context is meaningful to each participant.

In addition to four Residential Trainings (September 6-10, October 6-8, November 3-4, and December 1-2), this program includes weekly tele-classes led by a trainer, weekly practice sessions, and participation in a Restorative System throughout the four months of the Academy.

Topics May Include:
Inner Work: connecting to needs as basic life energies * living in alignment with principles of nonviolence * living interdependence * being powerfully vulnerable * transforming our response to habitual triggers * getting off the wheel of shame and blame * empathy and self-empathy * self care: connecting with your own needs * avoiding burnout * being effective and joyful in relationships and work * overcoming hopelessness, anger, shame and blame

Interpersonal Work: expressing ourselves honestly and authentically * creating the understanding and connection we want * hearing others’ experience in ways that deeply resonate with our own * rethinking how we hear and value story, the past, narrative and identity * transforming conflict to partnership * learning how to hear” no”, how to say “no”

Peacemaking and Changing the World: developing a needs-based focus for greater effectiveness and systems change * creating strategies that value everyone’s needs * transforming our perception to avoid replacing one system of domination with another * reconciliation and forgiveness * supporting willingness to change in ways that respect and value all life * violence, peace and nonviolence * using restorative principles for systems change * Restorative Circles * community and community well-being * the nature of power: power over and power with * gratitude and mourning * spirituality * money as relationship * taking dialogue to the level of shared connection and shared strategizing * skills to stay in challenging dialogues

The Peacemaker Academy Program Details


Residential Trainings will take place just two hours north of NYC at Miriam’s Well in Saugerties, NY. Miriam’s Well is a beautiful sanctuary dedicated to spiritual growth and transformation , located where the Catskill Mountains meet the Hudson River Valley. Between the monthly gatherings, there will be weekly teleclasses with a trainer and weekly partner support sessions.


Residential Trainings: September 6-10, October 6-8, November 3-4, and December 1-2.
Weekly teleclasses and support and practice sessions will be scheduled once the program begins.

Peacemaker Academy Tuition

In moving toward alignment with the systemic changes that the Peacemaker Academy hopes to support we are offering this program on a semi-gift economy basis. For us this means living the consciousness where giving and receiving is joyous while also supporting everyone who chooses to participate in the program to have equal access to doing so. We see us all as living interdependently and sharing power capable of creating the conditions for the world we want to live in. To support the exercise of this power, we are sharing information up front on our best estimate of what financial resources would be needed to make this program sustainable for us and offer the possibility of reproducing it in the future. Our vision is to raise ~$25000 to run the program. With 10 participants this would mean tuition of ~$2000-$2500; with 20 participants this would mean tuition of ~$1000-$1500 per person. This does not include room and board for the in-person events.

We want the Academy to include people who have a limited ability to contribute towards tuition. This may mean that some people would offer less than the suggested amount while others may contribute significantly above the requested amount, thus making the program sustainable. We will provide information on the financial resources used and received during the events. We are requesting a Registration fee of $350 to hold your place and to support us in knowing how many will be participating. This will be non-refundable unless we cancel the program.

Room and Board:

To keep the program affordable, we are offering room and board for the 12 days of Residential Training at cost. This means that room and board costs will vary depending on enrollment, and may range from approximately $750 (meals only, for commuters) to approximately $1700 for the four Residential Trainings. Once we know how many people will be participating, we will be able to finalize these amounts. Therefore, we encourage and appreciate your Early Bird Registration.

Early Bird Registration:

When you’re ready to commit to this journey of discovery, we welcome you! If you send your registration deposit of $350 before July 1, 2012, you will receive a $200 reduction in the overall cost of the program.

Final Cost:

Depending on enrollment, your donation and accommodations, your cost will vary between $2650 and $4,200, with a possible Early Bird discount of $200. Please tell others, in order to make this program possible for everyone.

To enroll, please contact:
Santha Cooke
* 845-266-5679 *

or send your deposit to Santha at
68 Hibernia Road, Salt Point, NY 12578

The Trainers:

Duke Duchscherer is a Certified Trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication, and is on the Board of Directors for the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. He has facilitated training in Restorative Circles and Nonviolent Communication around the world with a depth and breadth of peoples and communities from small villages at the grassroots to governmental leaders at the United Nations on four continents. This includes teaching at the European Peace University in Austria and the World Peace Academy in Switzerland, which draws peace-building students from all over the world. Duke has a deep passion to find ways to (re)build relationships that acknowledges shared interdependence while affirming the unique strength and beauty in each person/group.

Roberta Wall, lawyer, mediator, trainer, parent, activist, mindfulness practitioner and coach, shares her time between Israel and the United States. With her partners in Israel and Palestine she has created trainings for hundreds of people from diverse communities in the Middle East. Her workshops and retreats are inspired by Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication (NVC) as developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg , Buddhist teachers Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama, and by teachers and rabbis from her root Jewish tradition.
Roberta’s website: www.steps2peace.com
Email: info@steps2peace.com

We also welcome underwriting and donations to support scholarships for this Academy!


Past Events:

Mideast Peace Initiative

March 13-15, 2012
Training Retreat Weekend for Women
Eco ME Center outside of Jericho and Jerusalem
limited number of spaces available for friends from other countries; please inquire

December 29 – January 7, 2012   Mideast Nonviolent Communication 9-Day Residential Training for Palestinians and Israelis near the Dead Sea; empower your activism with the power of empathy; deepen the skills that will help us change the world. info@steps2peace.com

April 11, 2011     5-9 p.m.  Yavne el יַבְנְאֵל‎‎  Registration and directions: Dorit Bat-Shalom, 0525305026

Steps2peace (Roberta Wall and friends) is accepting registration for the March 24-26, 2011 Nonviolent Communication (NVC) training at Eco ME in the West Bank, where Israelis, Palestinians, Jews and other internationals from many countries will live together and practice the NVC path of understanding and connection.  This is a region accessible to everyone without need of permits. For more information and registration, call Hagit at 0545205549 or visit www.steps2peace.com


Please visit www.steps2peace.com for more information about Roberta Wall and upcoming workshops and trainings in Israel, the West Bank and the US.

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