A highlight of Kabbalat Shabbat in Jerusalem

Dear Friends,
This beautiful chant was a highlight of my kabbalat shabbat in Jerusalem last week at Nava Tehila. Ehyeh Asher Eyeh is the name God reveals to Moses at his moment of enlightmenment. It is translated as, I will be as I will be. God as a verb, as Life Unfolding.

As you listen, imagine my walk this morning on the Temple Mount.  With each step I walked and breathed with the priests and the people bringing offerings in the time of the Temple. I sat and meditated facing the Dome of the Rock, the Moslem Temple built on the rock where Mohammed is said to have hit his head and become enlightened ( my drosh, or take, my words for this), the same spot where Abraham and Isaac were tested, Mt.Moriah.  Today only Moslems are allowed to pray there; I prayed to myself. With each step,I rememberd Heschel’s words with Martin Luther King- I felt as if my feet were praying. And they were. And thenI sat down and coninued meditating, the thought, I’ve never meditated where it may be illegal to do this.

And all was well. The sun, the blue skies, passersby. The sense of interbeing that arose in me, that I was in this place where millions of people have brought and left prayers for peace, love, safety.

In peace, Roberta