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NVC Mediation Peacemaking in the Mideast

Rodef Shalom and Nonviolent Communication Models of Mediation In February 2014 I was part of the leadership training team for a 9 day Nonviolent Communication training in the Almog region close to the Dead Sea (Because this is “Area “C” under the Oslo Peace Agreement, it is the area of Palestine open and accessible to … Continue reading

The Power of Coming Face to Face with One Person’s Humanity

  Dear Friends, Thank you to Miki Kashtan for introducing me to the blog of Tom Atlee. http://www.tomatleeblog.com/?p=175327010 Please read all the way to the story at the end, and maybe, as I did, you will know before you get there what the last comment to the President will be. In our projects in the … Continue reading