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Amelek – Finding Freedom and Empowerment

Jerusalem, Erev Purim 5774, 2014 I am beginning a new inquiry into Amelek this year in Jerusalem. What is it that I want to blot out the memory of, and that I never want to forget? There is so much that I never want to forget. I never want to forget the way my heart … Continue reading

Purim: A Day of Mourning and Atonement

Purim: A Day of Mourning (What does it mean that Yom Kippur is a Day like Purim, In response to this: (http://unitedwithisrael.org/iranian-blood-libel-about-purim/)) Many feelings are stirred up. I love many aspects of Purim – the giving of gifts is a celebration of generosity and community; the inebriation can be a door to letting go of … Continue reading