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A week of NVC (Nonviolent Communication) in Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Last week I offered two classes in Nonviolent Communication.  One in Bethlehem for Palestinians and one in the Jewish Quarter  of the Old City of Jerusalem where I have been living.  Here are some reflections.  Bethlehem                                                                                                    For the second Monday in a row I took the ” Arab bus”  through Jerusalem to teach … Continue reading

I am Studying now at Pardes in Jerusalem , Judaism and Conflict resolution, the path of a Rodef Shalom ( pursuer of peace)

Personal reflection on The Dalai Lama as Rodef Shalom by Roberta Wall http://www.steps2peace.com When I think of the Dalai Lama as a rodef shalom, several experiences I have had with him and read about him pop into my mind at once. Some years ago, my daughters and I had the blessing of attending the Dalai … Continue reading

The Torah of Listening

Yitro and Listening  More and more, my study of, and insights from, Torah and Nonviolent Communication dance together.  Last week I reflected on Yitro (father in Law of Moses) and Pharaoh in relation to listening.  In the story of the Exodus from Egypt, Pharaoh, Yitro and the Hebrew people can be seen as models of … Continue reading

Report from Beit Jalla, Jerusalem and the Mideast, Catching Up to 2014

Jerusalem, January 7,2014.  Its been several weeks since up to 60 people from Israel, Palestine, the US, Europe and Asia gathered together for four days in Beit Jalla, Palestine, to learn, grow, connect and encounter ourselves and each other within the learning community of Nonviolent Communication-based Convergent Facilitation. Sharing the Bounty of the Land and … Continue reading