Many Strategies for Freedom – NVC (Nonviolent Communication) on the beach in Tel Aviv

Last Friday a dozen or so of us who shared the 9 day NVC training at EcoMe last winter, who share the love and yearning in our hearts for freedom, safety, and dignity for everyone, gathered on the beach in Tel Aviv. We are a loving family together. To give you a picture of the magnificent mosaic of humanity that we include: we were two Moslem Palestinian families ( two couples, three kids) from Jenin and Tulkarem, a Jewish Israeli family (two kids), three Jewish Israelis in their 20s, four Jews in our 50’s- Israeli, Iraqi, Argentinian, American (me!).

The picture of freedom in my mind is 4 year old Soulaf standing at the shore, her toes in the water, her arms stretched out, the wind blowing in her hair, exuberantly tasting the freedom of the sea.
Writing this now my heart soars and breaks at the same time. I want to fully fully appreciate and feel and celebrate every moment of freedom that each of us tastes, without qualifying it or conditioning it with an “if only…” or a “but”- Soulaf models for me the full taste of freedom.

And I re-commit in every moment to doing what I can to support the experience of freedom for all beings everywhere.

Soulaf – her name means “the best of the best,” nectar, the first drop of wine from the pressed grape.


Author: robertaindia

In the world with a peaceful heart

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