Holy night in the holy city

Just finishing Passover and Shabbat in the Old City of Jerusalem where I am now staying for a few weeks. The fragrance of the orange tree blossoms at the end of the lane is intoxicating on this warm night. Tonight is Easter for the Orthodox Christians. I watched teenagers hanging out outside the Syrian Orthodox social club at the end of the lane where I went to Shabbat services this morning. Early yesterday morning I walked with a Muslim woman who lives in the Muslim Quarter, coming from a visit with her sister who lives right down the lane here. An old abandoned mosque is connected to the building where I spent all night studying Zohar and the Splitting of the Sea. The roof overlooks the Armenian Quarter. I am awed by the mosaic of life and religion and beauty.

Monday at 7 Emuna and I will offer a class here at 90 Chabad St integrating Nonviolent Communication and Hassidism. The room we will be in overlooks the mosque, the Armenian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter. Prayers fly up and it comes to me that the God who hears all the prayers hears in the language of Needs.


Author: robertaindia

In the world with a peaceful heart

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