Opening Hearts and Minds in the Mideast with Nonviolent Communication

January 11, 2012
Dear Friends,
It’s been a few days since the end of the 9 day Nonviolent Communication retreat for Israelis, Palestinians and Internationals at Eco ME near the Dead Sea. I was one of the trainers and organizers and I really want to write to you about this experience.  My ideas, feelings and energies are swirling around and haven’t landed into the writing form I want. So I am sending you a report by one of the participants, Janne from Germany.
Here is what Janne writes:
“The NVC retreat was one of the most incredible experiences for me. From the moment I got the invitation I was so excited and knew I wanted to go there, as it brings together my love for the Holy Land, my strong connection to Eco ME and my growing passion and hope in NVC.
The words that I can find so far for this experience are not much. But as i said in the PRVilla on the evening of Shabbat: I can hardly remember a time with such deep heart-opening that stayed and increased constantly over such a period of time. I was crying a lot there. Sometimes because I got present to the big collective pain there and I just offered myself as a vessel to wash some of this pain through, for I see that the people that live constantly in that fear and tension are often not able any more to let themselves really be touched by their feelings and allow the pain and sadness. I see it as a task for us internationals to offer some of this feeling-through it, because I can leave the situation and I am not exposed to it all the time.
Sometimes I cried because I just could not believe what is happening there.  Sometimes I was “shocked” in a positive way, my system was shaken from the bottom to the top witnessing a different reality that was happening there, how “enemies” opened their hearts for each other, how forgiveness was able to enter, how we were really developing a new culture “beyond right and wrong” where we really listen to each other, face the pain of others with an open heart, have the wish for understanding and not for being right… how much love could develop beyond our identities. 
I am so happy and grateful that I could take part in it and I am taking lots of it home with me.
I felt a bit lost in the evening when we left Eco ME, full of impressions and then suddenly without this big community. It was such a great landing to have the Shabbat closing ceremony with Ohad and Dawn in the PRvilla and dinner with you. The next day Karla and I spent at Carolina’s house and at the beach Karla cut my hair.  I wanted to take a physical change with me as a reminder of what I experienced and my commitment to do my best to contribute to this new culture. I am so happy with it, I invited much more lightness…”

Author: robertaindia

In the world with a peaceful heart

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