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The Shabbos of Mirroring

It’s Friday in Jerusalem, raining, and preparations for Shabbat/Shabbos are underway. I am making kitcheree in my friend’s kitchen in Arnona. Kicheree is an Indian Ayurvedic dish. Mirroring. This Shabbat, Shabbat Shmot, can be experienced as a Shabbos where we explore the depth of mirrors, of mirroring. In the Nonviolent Communication training we just finished … Continue reading

Creating Connection with Rituals at the NVC Training at Eco ME

January 14, 2012 Report # 3 from Roberta Wall, Steps2peace, on the NVC Training at Eco ME near the Dead sea. I felt some of the deepest experiences of connection at the NVC training with Palestinians and Israelis in the rituals we created together. On the first morning together, Tarek, a trainer from Washington DC, … Continue reading

A morning in the desert

January 5, 2012 Hello from the desert between Israel and Jordan. We are 7 days into our training in Nonviolent Communication for Israelis, Palestinians and internationals. This morning I saw Palestinians and Israelis beating the desert sand out of the rugs we sit on during our workshops and meals. I saw Bedouins, Israelis, Palestinians, and … Continue reading

Opening Hearts and Minds in the Mideast with Nonviolent Communication

January 11, 2012 Dear Friends, It’s been a few days since the end of the 9 day Nonviolent Communication retreat for Israelis, Palestinians and Internationals at Eco ME near the Dead Sea. I was one of the trainers and organizers and I really want to write to you about this experience.  My ideas, feelings and … Continue reading