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In our Foremothers’ and our own Footsteps

Spring is here! Our fore mothers have taught us that spring is the time to  harvest wild edibles and medicinals.  Hanalisa Omer, a woman and visionary artist, whom I met in a New Moon gathering in Jerusalem, invited me to walk in the hills between Jerusalem and Bethlehem to see what’s out there and to … Continue reading

Meeting Needs on Both Sides of the Wall

Engaging Without Blame A new friend from the West Bank sent this to me a few weeks ago. http://www.closedzone.com/ Can I,can you, fully open to the pain that is behind this video? Open to the human beings that want us to understand this message? And can I, can you, watch this without falling into blame … Continue reading

R & R in Tel Aviv

After the intensity of Jerusalem and the West Bank, I hopped on the chirut ( mini van) and went to Tel Aviv- two days on the beach. I was a bit bundled up, but there were many people swimming, sunbathing,playing volleyball, sailing. Lots of cappuccino on the beach. I love that there are adult playgrounds … Continue reading