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The Wall, Women at the Wall, Dialogue, Encounter, Efrat

My First Night in Jerusalem and Women at the Wall In Israel this past winter I lived in a room in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City- “the Rova Yehudit.” A few minutes’ walk up and down narrow twisted alleys filled with observant Jews and pilgrims from all over the world to “the Wall.” … Continue reading

The Wall is Everything, by Eve Marko

From Roberta: Dear Friends, This excerpt ( below)  from a talk by Israeli-born Zen teacher Eve Marko really touched me. I too felt  startled, confused, upset  and disturbed when I saw the zig zag of the Wall, especially around my friend Claire’s house in Bethlehem. Generations of Claire’s family have lived in the house and … Continue reading

“Israel, just like Palestine, is a refugee camp.”

Dear Friends, The quote in the subject line for this entry is from Amos Oz. I read his book, A Tale of Love and Darkness, over the two months I spent living in the Old City in Jerusalem.  The book touched me very deeply- it is the account of Oz’ childhood in Jerusalem, the growth … Continue reading